Hi, my name is Helen Little.

I’ve spent the course of my career as a media personality, writer, speaker, coach and mentor, oh, and a lover of life. I launched my radio career at a radio station in Chapel Hill, North Carolina as a student at The University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. I started with no experience, a homemade demo, and a dream and eventually worked my way to becoming the host at one of America’s most listened to radio stations, iHeartRadio’s 106.7 Lite FM. You can also hear me as the host of the Public Library Podcast: A Place to Check Out Books.

I’ve held positions in both the radio and record industry for Warner Brothers Music. I’ve also been a contributor on television for Inside Edition, and as a guest on the Today Show, The Katie Couric Show, and Fox News. 

Along with a passion for music and media, writing is one of my great loves! I am currently in the process of writing my first novel, have penned a children’s book, and I’m also an award winning poet. You can find some of my writings on the entertainment section of the Huffington Post and a sports blog, to name a few.

A big part of my career is about motivating others. I do so by sharing my over thirty-year professional journey with others. Mentoring so many people along the way propelled me to serve as a success coach and inspires me as a speaker as well.  I’ve been a guest speaker at many colleges including St. Joseph’s University, Drexel University, Hampton University, and more.

When I’m not working (yes, I do have other passions), I enjoy reading, cooking, traveling, photography, painting, real estate, fitness, and music.

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