What do you do to strengthen your self love muscle?

Wait? You don’t know you about your self love muscle?

It’s one of you most important muscle and benefits from a daily workout. The stronger your self love muscle, the more you’re able to accomplish in life. When your self love muscle is at optimum strength, your ability to achieve, believe, and receive are at an all-time high. It also has great immune properties when stimulated and strengthened. It blocks against the potential harms of inner and outer negative thinking. It provides you with plenty of grace, or what I like to call vitamin G. Grace for those who tell you, you can’t, or you don’t matter, or any counterproductive comments and actions (intended or unintended) to keep you from believing in yourself and your inherent greatness.

The stronger this muscle, the more aware you are of your worth. So how do make your self love muscles bulge? It’s important to find the workout that works for you. Mine consists of meditation. Mirror talk. Positive people. Positive reading and watching. Self-pep talks. Awareness of what I’m thinking and feeling and being able to swiftly shift thoughts from negative to positive in an instant. Reminders of what I love about myself. Giving myself credit when credit is due. And most of all realizing that I am loved no matter what. I am worthy just as I am. I don’t have to do anything to deserve love because I’m made from love. This is my true nature, my natural state.

There are times when I don’t remember this or when I allow the negative inner voice to try and discredit me. That’s why I practice. That’s why I work out. That’s why it’s important to stimulate those muscles on a regular. Take time to put together your work out plan. Maybe it starts with feeding your body better food. Adding a physical workout with a mental workout. Maybe it starts with just looking in the mirror every day and saying, “Hello beautiful!” Or the moment you open your eyes each morning and think or say, “thank you” before you think anything else. If you need help, find a workout buddy and encourage each other to strengthen your self love muscle and see how much stronger you become in every area of your life.