Hi, I’m Helen Little, CIO. The Chief Intentions Officer. There are all kinds of chiefs these days, from Chief Executive Officer to Chief Kansas City Chief Officer. Well, I’m not sure if there’s really a CKCCO for one of the NFL’s most successful teams. But I do know there are Chief Operating Officers, Chief Product Officers, Chief Innovation Officers, Chief Marketing Officers, Chief Meditation Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Programming Officers, and well, at least one Chief Intentions Officer.

What is a CIO and how did I end up in this position? Or better yet, how did I rise to this position? From being intentional, of course.

As a Chief Intentions Officer it is my intention to help you with yours. Guiding and reminding you of the importance of being aware of your intentions and the role they play in your development and success. Everything starts with an intention whether you are aware of that intention or not. When you are conscious of your intentions, you put yourself in the position to generate a more palatable outcome.

Our thoughts are the gateway of our intentions, therefore what we think is what we create. What we intend through our thinking, be those thoughts positive or negative, we bring about in our lives. What are the messages you say to yourself? Are they kind and loving or harsh and overly critical? Is there something you want but don’t think you can’t have, be, or do it? If so, that is your intention. That’s message you’re giving to yourself. It’s time to tell yourself a better story. One where you believe you can have, can be, and can do what you dream of. That’s why it’s important to be in touch with what your thoughts are and what your inner voice is whispering to you in every moment.

Take a moment and recall something good you’ve thought about and seen it become real. Now take a moment and think of something you didn’t want and see if you can figure out why that materialized in your life as well. My intention is to use this space to share with ways to shape your intentions to serve you, not scare you. Start by just paying attention to the things you think about. This will begin to unlock the reward of being aware of your thoughts so you can import that which you want, leaving that which you don’t on the outside.

Fear would love to have you keep your intentions focused on it. As your CIO, I know better and will help you navigate your way from fear’s grip. It’s something I also do for myself every single day.